Qigong – Standing Meditation

One of the most powerful Qigong practices is standing meditation. It looks deceptabley simple but it is actually very difficult to stand in an upright position without moving from more than a couple of minutes. This is the basic starting position for many other Qigong forms and for TaiChi.

Your body needs to be relaxed yet supported with your spinal column straight and your knees slightly bent. Arms need to be slightly away from the body with the fingers separated and pointing downwards. Tongue should be at the roof of your mouth to connect the back and front energy channels. Chin is slightly tucked and eyes are closed to help keep your mind quiet.


Try to quiet your ‘monkey mind’ and focus on your breath. Don’t control your breath, just follow the flow of your breath in and out of your body.

When I was recovering from Chronic Fatigue I did this for an hour a day twice a day. Of course, I started out sitting down and only doing it for short periods of time. My body would tremble and shake sometimes and tears would flow from my eyes but I knew I was releasing ‘bad stuff’ that I no longer needed – so I kept at it. Try starting out doing it for a couple of minutes!

This meditation is also called standing like a tree. The concept of the tree is that it is upright yet flexible enough to bend in the wind and the storm. I find that visualizing that I am a tree helps me to remain centered and upright. I also love the idea of my body extending roots into the ground and connecting with mother earth.

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