Horses changed my Life!

My journey with horses started late in life when I was in my early 50s. I was working at UPS and they had a policy of serving the community, so I volunteered at a Therapeutic Riding center. The center served riders with mental, physical and emotional challenges. I could not believe the incredible gentleness and awareness of that these huge animals had with the fragile, sensitive humans they were carrying. I felt deeply connected to the horses and during volunteer training they all thought I had been working with horses for years.

I continued my learning and read ‘The Tao of Equus’ by Linda Kohanov. This was the first book that I ever read where I said to myself ‘I wish I had written this book’. It described a way of relating to horses for emotional and spiritual healing which reached right into my heart. It lead me to take a week long class in Asheville, NC with a student of the author. This class changed my life.

I used my qigong energy training and what I had been taught during the class to dance with a horse. This was not just any horse, this was a black miniature horse names ‘Magic’. My classmates were brought to tears by the beauty of our synchroLaura-MJ-Sonnynized dance. I was in another state of consciousness where the horse and I were as one being.

As a result of taking this class, I decided to retire early from UPS and move from NJ to NC. The universe lined things up perfectly and this transition was smooth and included selling two houses right before the 2008 market crash. I found a wonderful property outside of Asheville and just the right people to help with the house remodeling, building the barn and fences and all the things I needed to do to move forward my passion for Equine Facilitated Learning.  I now have 3 lovely horses who give me a wonderful reason to get out of bed every day!

Come join me and find out what the horses will help you discover about yourself!

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