Background on Laura M. Nelson

My Life Purpose
Nowadays, many of us are wondering about why are we here and what is our life purpose.  I have been exploring that deeply over the last five years.  It really is very simple for me – to love and be happy with myself.  The Dalia Lama said ‘The purpose of our lives is to be happy’.    The thought is simple but the putting it into practice has been meant exploring the reasons that I do things (my stories) and then letting go of them (rewriting).  Acknowledging my trauma and releasing it.  Conscientiously approaching each day with intention and mindfulness.

I never thought that I would put this on my website but I want to be open and honest, so here is my life purpose that was transmitted to me through a deep meditation with a Taoist priestess.  ‘Connect with my divine, loving, peaceful essence and radiate light, beauty and compassion to enable others to find peace within themselves and experience oneness’. 

If you have found this website and are resonating with the thoughts presented here, it would be an honor and a privilege for me to connect with you and share what I have learned.

Horses and Equine Facilitated Learning

Horses guided me to make a huge life transition which has enabled me to look forward to the rest of my life with joy and anticipation.   Horses  help me to experience my emotions fully and delve into who I really am and to be the best me that I can be!  It is a constant challenge – but that is what horses are all about! Connecting with nature daily is a big part of my life now.    Of course, going from city life to taking care of a small farm is a huge transition and a daily challenge.   It is great to wake up to the sounds of nature and be greeted by my animals. 

Qigong and Energy Healing

Quite simply, Qigong saved my life.  Energy healing continues to allow me to explore the connection between emotions, body and spirit.

There are a lot of theories about what is making life so difficult for everyone lately  but I believe that we are opening our spirits to another way of living in harmony with each other and our environment.  The lightworkers are anchoring the energy for those changes to occur.  Everyone’s body is in the process of accepting these new energies or deciding to stay in the old paradigm.  If you want to change, a Qigong practice and energy healing will assist in this process.

I began learning Qigong in 1992 because I was incredibly ill and western medicine could not help me. Qigong restored my energy and vitality, enabled me to go back to work and take care of my family. Since it saved my life I want to share my experiences with you!

In recent years I have experienced many energy modalities from some great practitioners and I have realized that everyone has the gift of healing themselves and others. I do energy healing on people and on their animals. When I am a conduit of energy healing to others, I am also healing myself and those around me. What fun it is to trust in the healing power of the universe!

Prior Life Experiences

I’m retired after 25 years working in Information Services (computer programming and design) for large companies in Corporate America. I moved from NJ to NC in 2008. I love it in the mountains because they have incredible healing energy. I have developed a special connection with my horses who teach me a lot about managing my own energy and being part of a herd (community).

Laura-max-Nikki--2010-wI am very practical because of my years of managing large computer projects and people. I could not have survived all those stressful years without Qigong and my Qigong Community. I made time during my day at work to do a few Qigong movements to center myself and control my stress. I booked a conference room at lunch to do this so I didn’t bother anyone and I wasn’t disturbed. I found that this calmness helped ease the tension of other people too!