Energy Healing with Horses

Energy Healing with Horses

Winter discount for session – $45 until end of March

A healing session lasts approximately an hour or possibly a little longer.  Healing sessions can be scheduled on Tuesday through Sunday, including evenings.  The cost for a session is $65.

To schedule a session contact Laura via email or phone 201-452-8244.

Please see the section below to answer any questions about the session.

Three horses sending healing energy to client
A relaxed, happy client after a session
Reiki horse
My first energy healing session with Mandy (client) and my mare MJ


It is with much enthusiasm that I look forward to my next session at Star Horse Healing!
Laura and her amazing horses, Sonny, Maya, and Legacy, were instrumental in assisting me to move forward on my healing journey!  The horses are calm and friendly.  The beautiful environment was welcoming and comfortable.  I felt safe.  I felt the trust and anticipation necessary to allow myself to move into a higher vibrating energy of feeling good, which is exactly what occurred!  Laura and her horses are gifted with the ability to sense the needs of their client.  I loved my session!  Thank you Laura, Sonny, Maya, and Legacy!

Lisa - Asheville, NC

horse-energy-healing-rainbow“Thank you so much for allowing the space for the incredible Healings with the Horses. We were deeply moved and healed by the experience. I feel truly blessed by the encounter with Sonny, MJ, and Legacy. I feel like a big shift happened for the horses too.

I wanted to share the most amazing horse healing photo that we took.  There is a rainbow and a beam of healing light. It brings tears to my eyes. “

Linda - Sterling, VA

Thanks to you and MJ for such a special experience. I enjoyed the sensitivity of the horses, their appreciation for each other’s space and the true connection.  On the drive home, I felt so relaxed and invigorated at the same time, as though I had just had a massage. I think that visiting the peaceful energy and stunning beauty of your place and experiencing the closeness with your horses is something that will become a regular practice for me. I so appreciate your answer to the work that has truly called you.

Ellen - Mills River

“An amazing 2nd time of having Sonny & MJ do healing energy work on me. Their Intuition is stunning. The release begins immediately as well as it is ongoing thru out the day, night, and following days. The horses know that I have totally surrendered and that I trust them. So grateful to Laura for her dedication to this work!”

Julia - Hendersonville, NC

Questions & Answers

Where are energy sessions done?

  • The sessions are done in the barn at my farm in Pisgah Forest, NC.

What should I wear and bring?

  • We are going to be outside so you need to dress for the weather.  If it is hot, you may still want to wear long pants and long sleeves because of the bugs.  You should wear sturdy footwear, such as a hiking boots or sneakers.  You can take your shoes off while on the therapy table.  Please bring water.  You can change clothes at the farm if needed.

What happens during a session?

  • We will start the session by talking about any particular issue that you would like to focus on and set an intention for the session.  We will complete a brief grounding process to connect in with the earth energy of the farm and beyond.  You will then look at the horses who will be in an open paddock area and decide which horse you would prefer to work with.  We can also decide to allow all of them to participate.
  • We will move down into the barn area and you will lay down on the therapy table.   I will be at the head of the table and start ‘running energy’.   The horse(s) may come over and place their heads close to your body.  Many times this spot may be one of the seven major chakras in the body.  The horse(s) may move away and come back as we continue the session.  At any time you should feel free to gently move the horses away from your body.

Have the horses been trained to do this?

  • No, the horses do this naturally.   Some horses are more interested in doing it than others.  Sometimes the energy that your body is emanating will attract a horse or may not be interesting to them.
  • The horses have experienced energy work because I do that with them on a regular basis.

Why do they want to do this?

  • Horses are herd animals and have very clear communication with each other.  They rely on each other to look out for danger.  If one horse senses danger it will be passed on to the rest of the herd and they will run away from the danger if they can.  Because they are so sensitive to each other, they are also sensitive to the energy of the people that are around them.  They can sense when our energy is not in sync with the flow of nature or is blocked or static.  As far as I have noticed, they want our energy to be clear and flowing so that it corresponds with their energy and we fit in with the herd.  This is just speculation but it seems like what goes on.   This is similar to the peace and relaxation we feel when petting a cat or a dog.

Why does being around a horse feel so relaxing?

  • Just being in the presence of a horse is relaxing and can put you into a meditative state.
  • Recent studies conducted by the Institute of HeartMath provide a clue to explain the bidirectional “healing” that happens when we are near horses. According to researchers, “the heart has a larger electromagnetic field and higher level of intelligence than the brain: A magnetometer can measure the heart’s energy field radiating up to 8 to 10 feet around the human body. While this is certainly significant it is perhaps more impressive that the electromagnetic field projected by the horse’s heart is five times larger than the human one (imagine a sphere-shaped field that completely surrounds you). The horse’s electromagnetic field is also stronger than ours and can actually directly influence our own heart rhythm!”
  • Click here for the HeartMath research article.

heartMath energy diagram