It is with much enthusiasm that I look forward to my next session at Star Horse Healing!
Laura and her amazing horses, Sonny, Maya, and Legacy, were instrumental in assisting me to move forward on my healing journey!  The horses are calm and friendly.  The beautiful environment was welcoming and comfortable.  I felt safe.  I felt the trust and anticipation necessary to allow myself to move into a higher vibrating energy of feeling good, which is exactly what occurred!  Laura and her horses are gifted with the ability to sense the needs of their client.  I loved my session!  Thank you Laura, Sonny, Maya, and Legacy!

Lisa - Asheville, NC

“I am still floating from the gentle yet powerful energy of being able to work with your horses and by being around all your wonderful animals. Your (Laura’s) teaching style is powerful as is your knowledge, humble teaching manner and sweet kind energy. I genuinely loved the entire day thoroughly.  Thank you so much for following your dreams, opening your heart and your home to us and making these workshops available. I believe you are being of GREAT service at time when so many are in need. My greatest take away from your workshop was an enormous boost in confidence that I too am walking my path and my purpose. It became clear while working with MJ that being of service offering energy healing sessions and spiritual counseling IS my next right step. A thousand thank yous!”

Kim - Waynesville

“I fully expected to enjoy spending the day with like-minded people and three wonderful horses. However, the sacredness of the location, and the soul connection to each horse, and to Laura were something I will forever be grateful for. I was reminded of a pattern of thinking that has haunted me for most of my life. Thanks to this experience it was made very clear what I need to focus on to create the life I have always longed for. Thank you to Laura, Julie, and the horses for a most enlightening day.”

Carol (Shantu) - Balsam, NC

“I’ve learned that it is important for me to be more in my body and I know that there are many ways of doing this, some involving more “discipline” than others.  I’ve been looking for ways of doing this that are joyful for me.  Connecting with Sonny’s  gentle, loving acceptance and warmth certainly did this for me, and more.  The experience was very uplifting and took me to a place where I felt a deep sense of connection. It was also very telling for me to see an eye during our meditation before my entering the circle with Sonny.  I take this as a sign that Sonny can help me with the opening my Third Eye.  If I had to encapsulate it in two words, I would say:  Joyful connection.
And as I reflect on the workshop, I realize that when I see you (Laura) there is what I’ve come to know as a sense of soul recognition… a sense that I have met you before in another lifetime, perhaps many, that I can trust you -I have this uncanny feeling of being in the presence of a long-lost friend again.”

Jenny - Brevard

horse-energy-healing-rainbow“Thank you so much for allowing the space for the incredible Healings with the Horses. We were deeply moved and healed by the experience. I feel truly blessed by the encounter with Sonny, MJ, and Legacy. I feel like a big shift happened for the horses too.

I wanted to share the most amazing horse healing photo that we took.  There is a rainbow and a beam of healing light. It brings tears to my eyes. “

Linda - Sterling, VA

My experience with Life Coaching with Horses at Star Horse Healing was truly wonder-full! Earlier in my life, I’d had experience riding and working with horses but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  With Laura’s sensitive and affirming guidance, I was able to deeply connect to both Sonny and my own intuitive wisdom in a powerful way.  The insights I gained into who I really am at my core I will be processing and integrating for quite some time. I’m so appreciative to Laura, Sonny and all the horses who lent their attention and energy!


Thanks to you and MJ for such a special experience. I enjoyed the sensitivity of the horses, their appreciation for each other’s space and the true connection.  On the drive home, I felt so relaxed and invigorated at the same time, as though I had just had a massage. I think that visiting the peaceful energy and stunning beauty of your place and experiencing the closeness with your horses is something that will become a regular practice for me. I so appreciate your answer to the work that has truly called you.

Ellen - Mills River

“An amazing 2nd time of having Sonny & MJ do healing energy work on me. Their Intuition is stunning. The release begins immediately as well as it is ongoing thru out the day, night, and following days. The horses know that I have totally surrendered and that I trust them. So grateful to Laura for her dedication to this work!”

Julia - Hendersonville, NC

“The horses were amazing and it’s clear how happy they are to be with you there. We were very moved by the experience and had some excellent discussion on the drive home.  One really wild thing was that from the pictures, it looks like the horses switched places behind us while we were doing that first meditation–before we had selected the horse that we each felt called to work with.  So, it seems to me now, that they selected us as much as we selected them.”

Terra & Kate, Asheville, NC

“Being coached by you meant that I experienced being in the company of someone who immediately created a safe space for me to explore, reveal my true self and enjoy the ride.  I felt your high intention and sense of being fully present for me to gain clarity and wisdom and solutions to what I had perceived as issues.  You are gentle, wise and compassionate and still fun.  I loved how you kept me on track in a non-judgement and fun way.  Humor mixed with solid coaching skills and real heart.”

Colleen Q. Sydney, Australia

“Laura’s radiance shines forth with such beauty and her presence is such a loving lesson for all who are fortunate to be her students.”

Katrina - Qigong Master Healer

“Thank you  so much for the session and time with you and your beautiful horses. The experience was light & sweet as well as deep and profound. What I experienced with your horses so beautifully dove taled so specifically and so perfectly with what was up within me for healing and greater awareness.  I am there once again as I write this and once again have tears in my eyes because I am so touched at how loved the whole experience made me feel.”

Suzy Asheville

“I can not help but feel changed after my experience with you theresa-testimonial  and your horse Sonny. All the times I have spent with horses and different horses I never had that happen before.  What a gift! ”



Theresa - Brevard NC Artist

Thank you for providing those informative, health-supporting Qigong classes.  I feel privileged to partake from your experience and willingness to share for the betterment of others.

I also appreciated the opportunities your classes afforded to connect with other seekers on the path of enlightenment!

Barbara - Hendersonville