Workshops With Horses

Come and meet the wonderful horse teachers we have at the farm and the human facilitators who will guide you through various activities in the workshops.  Equine Facilitated Learning provides very special guidance on your life journey.

All workshops are hands-on, non riding events.  No prior horse experience is necessary.  The workshops are a combination of lecture and learning with horses in an arena.   Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.  You must be able to stand for 30 minutes and walk small hills.

Workshops 2016

Self Discovery…Through the way of the Horse

Wednesday October 26, 2016 OR  Saturday October 29, 2016
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Cost $117.00
Location:  Star Horse Farm, Pisgah Forest, NC
Notes: Snacks included, please bring your lunch.

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The horse is a master guide, friend and partner.  Their heart energy reaches out to us to show us the way to becoming calmer and feel more connected to the earth and each other.  Their high sensitivity enables them to guide us into exploring our inner landscape and look for our authentic self.

Join us for this insightful one day workshop where you will  learn how horses can assist you in redefining a direction for you life and feeling less overwhelmed by a situation.  Being more horse-like, you are guided to move into your body and experience your emotions in a different way.  You will learn that emotions are not good or bad…they are just messages that help guide us on our journey of life. Learning how horses interact with each other and set boundaries can provide you with a new way of interacting in your relationships.

This workshop is a combination of lecture and interaction with the horses.  The majority of the day will be spent outside enjoying  being with nature and animals in a very sacred way.  The horses are very connected to Mother Earth and to each other.  They have energy fields that are much larger than ours and you will feel the embrace of their very special Heart Energy.  Star Horse Farm provides a safe, beautiful setting for relaxation and transformation.  A shaman has blessed and set the sacred space for this special work to be done.

There is limited space, so please register soon.

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Workshop with Horses


Testimonials from ‘Way of the Horse Workshop’

“I fully expected to enjoy spending the day with like-minded people and three wonderful horses. However, the sacredness of the location, and the soul connection to each horse, and to Laura were something I will forever be grateful for. I was reminded of a pattern of thinking that has haunted me for most of my life. Thanks to this experience it was made very clear what I need to focus on to create the life I have always longed for. Thank you to Laura, Julie, and the horses for a most enlightening day.”

Carol (Shantu) - Balsam, NC

“I am still floating from the gentle yet powerful energy of being able to work with your horses and by being around all your wonderful animals. Your (Laura’s) teaching style is powerful as is your knowledge, humble teaching manner and sweet kind energy. I genuinely loved the entire day thoroughly.  Thank you so much for following your dreams, opening your heart and your home to us and making these workshops available. I believe you are being of GREAT service at time when so many are in need. My greatest take away from your workshop was an enormous boost in confidence that I too am walking my path and my purpose. It became clear while working with MJ that being of service offering energy healing sessions and spiritual counseling IS my next right step. A thousand thank yous!”

Kim - Waynesville

“I’ve learned that it is important for me to be more in my body and I know that there are many ways of doing this, some involving more “discipline” than others.  I’ve been looking for ways of doing this that are joyful for me.  Connecting with Sonny’s  gentle, loving acceptance and warmth certainly did this for me, and more.  The experience was very uplifting and took me to a place where I felt a deep sense of connection. It was also very telling for me to see an eye during our meditation before my entering the circle with Sonny.  I take this as a sign that Sonny can help me with the opening my Third Eye.  If I had to encapsulate it in two words, I would say:  Joyful connection.
And as I reflect on the workshop, I realize that when I see you (Laura) there is what I’ve come to know as a sense of soul recognition… a sense that I have met you before in another lifetime, perhaps many, that I can trust you -I have this uncanny feeling of being in the presence of a long-lost friend again.”

Jenny - Brevard

Completed Workshops

Self Discovery…Through the way of the Horse

Date:  October 1, 2016   9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost:  $127.00
Location:  Star Horse Farm, Pisgah Forest, NC
Notes: Snacks and Lunch is included.  Vegan and Paleo options are available